WiFi Today

More Devices Means More Interference

With digital consumption and the number of wireless devices on a rapid rise, chances are you're stuck in a technology traffic jam and don't even know it - resulting in choppy videos, slower load times and deteriorated performance.

1Gig Speeds

5G WiFi Lets You Move at the Speed of Life

By upgrading to 5G WiFi, you'll be on a less crowded expressway with lanes four times the size of your current channel, allowing you to connect more devices to your networks while conserving battery power.

No-wait Watching

No-Wait Watching

5G WiFi provides seamless streaming video without the wait. Say goodbye to the endless buffering when you sit down to watch a movie on Netflix, Hulu or YouTube.

WiFi Today

Slash Your Sync Time

By the time you're done reading this, your music, video, photo and calendar files could have already been synched between your devices. With 5G WiFi, you can sync multiple files in seconds.