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Better Together

5G WiFi with its higher speed and reliability works well with other technologies. This enables several consumer use models. Here are a few examples.

Wi-Fi Direct Allows Devices to Communicate Without the Need for an Access Point

Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct allows two Wi-Fi devices to communicate with each other directly, without the need for an access point.

This allows fast, wireless synchronization anywhere at any time.

Wi-Fi Display and DNLA Allow for Video Distribution Across Devices Using 5G Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Display

Standards such as Wi-Fi Display and DLNA allow for interoperable video distribution across consumer devices using the 5G WiFi link.

NFC Automatically Sets-up a 5G Wi-Fi Connection


A simple tap using Near Field Communications (NFC) automatically sets-up a 5G WiFi connection. This allows for rapid sync-n-go applications.

5G Wi-Fi Helps Offload Mobile Video Traffic on 4G Cellular Networks


5G WiFi helps to offload mobile video traffic on 4G cellular networks helping carriers satisfy the growing download demands of users.

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