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Key Innovations

Since it was first introduced in 1997, Wi-Fi has continually evolved, with each new generation of the technology offering a more compelling user experience. With dramatic increases in Wi-Fi speed and range, its usefulness and applications have multiplied, making it one of the most useful wireless technologies in the world. 5F WiFi now promises to even further expand the way people use Wi-Fi to wirelessly share media and data across their entire home. This transformation is made possible by a number of innovations that advance 5G WiFi far beyond the capabilities of 802.11n.

5G WiFi innovations can be best described using a road analogy.

Spectrum Changes

802.11ac works exclusively in the much-less crowded, "cleaner," 5 GHz spectrum. With less competition for the airwaves from other devices, transmission rates shoot up. The 5G WiFi communications channel is as much as four times wider than the channels available in 802.11n to deliver higher speeds.

5G WiFi highway is up to four times wider and supports more traffic

The 5G WiFi highway is wider and can handle more traffic than the narrower, congested 11n road.

Higher ModulationHigher modulation packs in more data like passengers in a bus

The 802.11ac standard also takes advantage of advanced modulation techniques that allow the technology to cram more bits of data into every transmission. This is comparable to use of carpools and buses for transporting more people over the same number of lanes in a highway.


This is the ability for a Wi-Fi transmitter to "learn" to avoid inefficient pathways between it and the device it is transmitting to. One analogy is to a car being smart enough to automatically avoid a freeway lane full of pot holes. With 5G WiFi, beamforming has been standardized, and all products that implement it will be interoperable and thereby provide maximum range and coverage for the 5G WiFi network.

Beamforming steers clear of obstacles

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