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Uses for 5G WiFi

High Quality Video

Video entertainment has become one of the most popular use of electronic devices, so much so that Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and similar services now constitute the majority of Wi-Fi traffic. Since 802.11ac will handily keep up video traffic, consumer electrics companies are expected to use it as the basis of a new generation of well-designed, easy-to-use living room video products.

802.11ac will keep up with next gen consumer electronic devices

Fast Backup/Data Synching

Nearly everyone today makes daily use of multiple devices. The home computer remains the hub for most people, a central repository containing files for work, music, video, games and more. But we take our mobiles phones with us as we go about our daily lives, and need to keep our phones and computers in synch. Unfortunately, that has become a time-consuming chore. Ask anyone who tries to download a playlist of music, a new batch of photos or some recently-changed calendar appointments on to a mobile phone while dashing out the door in the morning.

The high throughput rates of 802.11ac will slash all these synch times. You'll be able to put a phone or tablet next to your PC, and watch playlists and calendar synch in a few seconds.

High Throughput Rates of 802.11ac Will Slash Data Synch Times Between Devices

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